All Patched Up

Now Let's Put In The Stitches

A Girl You Used To Know
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Let's see...I never know what exactly to put in these little blurby things. I mean, it's not like you really care what my dog's name is (I don't have a dog), where I live (middle of nowhere) or what my favorite color is (orange/black/green if you must know)...It's just a waste of your good time. So instead, I will leave you with what you need to know.

My passions are art, literature, and music. I draw, I write, I play music. I also like abstract things. Things that most people wouldn't understand. I am the kind of person who will find beauty in what someone else considers crap (unless it really is crap).

One more thing: This journal is Friends Only and more of a personal journal. Why? Because I say so.